SPEAKING TIME FOR YOU || Tension. Uncertainty. Anger. Anxiety. (Inner unrest. Emotions that unfortunately determine the world at the moment. Talking about it can help. With friends. With friends. Or with coaches. 4free.

#virtualsupporttalks We coaches listen – via WhatsAppCall, Facetime, Zoom, phone call etc. and are there for you. Because as coaches, that’s exactly what we’ve learned. Without evaluating, interrupting or advising. We show understanding and give feedback. 

  • To all those who need to talk: Please contact me, write to me and we will find an appointment for about 15-30 minutes where you can just talk. It helps you and frees your mind a little.  
  • To all coaches: You decide the number of talks, the duration and whether you want to add a personal touch. Make a contract, use #virtualsupporttalks in posts and share the message, analog and digital. Calls on other coaches to help. In short: take part!

IMPORTANT: We expressly point out that this offer cannot replace a visit to a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist.